"Most diseases and pain cause us to want to escape the body. However, the journey to health is within the body, discovering its nature and supporting its vitality."

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Dr. Shaun "Skye" LaChute ND, BCB of Integral Natural Medicine on the Eastside near Seattle, WA is a licensed Naturopathic Physician in the state of Washington and holds Board Certification in Biofeedback. She specializes in Stress Management and non-invasive Mind-Body Medicine for primary care, chronic and autoimmune conditions, helping people discover the healing power of nature, their own resilience, within their own bodies. 

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Articles about stress management, biofeedback, natural disease management and nutrition.

Mind-Body Medicine for Primary Care


Conditions commonly seen by primary care providers can be treated with Mind-Body Medicine and Biofeedback, both non-invasive and effective for numerous conditions. Combined with naturopathic therapies, and lifestyle counseling, patients journey toward increased resiliency and vitality.


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