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"My experience with Dr. Skye was exceptional due to her capacity to provide answers to my direct questions, and to provide additional information and guidance in areas that would deeply benefit me. While her competency is expected and met well, it is her capacity to navigate and integrate the personal and professional beyond measure. Dr. Skye connects deeply, professionally, skillfully, with a depth of wisdom and compassion that is unmatched. If you seek a new medical experience that moves well beyond just managing a health issue to expanding the health and vitality of your life, please make an appointment." ~Gayle C. 

My Story


In my 20s, I developed severe allergies and asthma, suffered a pre-cancer scare, and then in my early 30s, was diagnosed with an autoimmune condition. Each illness was shocking and depressing. After all, I had an active, healthy childhood and rarely set foot in a doctors office. I couldn’t understand why and how these things were happening to me. At some point, I realized that many of my illnesses arrived as messengers amidst stressful life events - job changes, moves, deaths. Exactly what was the message my body was trying to deliver?


I’ve since been on a 30-year search into understanding the mind-body connection. I first began with studying the science of mind - Eastern philosophy, Buddhist and Western psychology. I wanted to understand how one’s thoughts, emotions, and spirituality, or lack thereof, could lead to dis-ease. I also wanted to understand how the body and health become broken. How do lifestyle choices, environmental factors, and genetics affect health? But more importantly, how does psychological stress, my resistance to life’s flow, affect the physical body?

After careers in retail management, administrative work, graphic/ web design and educational technology, I sought a degree in naturopathic medicine. I wanted a deeper understanding of how the body functions, both in health and disease. And I wanted more natural and integrative ways of healing of both body, mind and spirit. I've also completed training and requirements for board certification in Biofeedback.


I’ve struggled personally with autoimmune thyroid and weight issues, gastrointestinal and blood pressure problems, asthma and allergies, physical pain, anxiety, and depression. More recently, a diagnosis of neuroendocrine cancer allowed learning how to navigate the cancer care system. I discovered a unique understanding - the firsthand experience of walking in a patient’s shoes.

I've also come to terms with being a Highly Sensitive Person, meaning that I have Sensory Processing Sensitivity (not Disorder), I take in a lot of information both mentally and sensorily and process at a very deep level for a long period of time. This make me good at intuiting what needs to be done and able to hold a wealth of details and patterns. But not acknowledging this trait has contributed to many of my chronic problems as my nervous and immune systems have different requirements for recovery than the average person. And I was always driving myself to do more, when I actually needed to do less.

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I understand the struggles that my patients are up against. I know how hard it is to give up foods that you love, to dream of being a perfect size 6, to walk away from stress as a lifestyle choice, to change orientation from striving for perfection to thriving in the present. I’ve practiced letting go of the “struggle against” and learned how to “flow with” with the natural and inevitable tides of life.


I’ve not only experienced transformation in health and wellbeing for myself, but I’ve also witnessed it in my patients. As a naturopathic physician, I enjoy working with patients from all walks of life who have a variety of chronic ailments. I work with people on hypertension, pre-diabetes, thyroid problems, autoimmune conditions, gastrointestinal disturbances, headaches, insomnia, anxiety and depression, hormonal imbalances, chronic muscle tension, and pain. 


My passion is helping people discover the healing power of nature: the innate nature of wisdom, sacredness, and well-being already available within their own bodies. Both personally and professionally, I have discovered that the journey to health and healing is found within the body, discovering its true nature and supporting its vitality, rather than trying to escape or suppress discomfort and dis-ease. I enjoy collaborating with patients in finding their whole health potential, moving away from just surviving the day, toward thriving.


As an avid learner, I enjoy learning from patients, about different cultures and traditions, and from nature. In my free time, I enjoy spending time with family, walking in nature, bicycling, yoga and meditation, weaving, painting, reading, gardening, cooking, and wine tasting.