Office Closed for COVID-19 Precaution & Prevention - Reduced Biofeedback & Free Meditation

Office Closed for COVID-19 Precaution and Prevention - Reduced Biofeedback & Free Meditation

In light of the COVID-19 pandemic, I have closed (since 3/13/2020) my office for all non-essential visits until 5/18/2020 as recommended by Governer Inslee. Since I am not a Primary Care Provider (PCP), my naturopathic and biofeedback practice is considered non-essential. And my main goal is to protect the health of my patients, my colleagues, and our community, as well as myself, since I do have preexisting conditions that could put me and my family at risk.

All NEW patient naturopathic and biofeedback visits will be postponed until the time when we have the all clear to resume person-to-person contact. Existing patients and Wellness Plan members may email me for prescription refills and virtual telemedicine appointments.

In the interim, I am offering video consultations for learning home based biofeedback and meditation techniques for stress management and working with anxiety. And I’m offering virtual appointments for health, nutrition and lifestyle coaching. These sessions are offered at 50% off my standard fee or $75/hour for both new and existing patients. Please email me to schedule at

These are unprecedented times and while it is possible to be safe in practical ways, the anxiety of the unknown, of uncertainty (when will this end, how will I spend my time) is something we as humans have a lot of difficulty. When things are beyond our control, and we get anxious about the lack of control, the reptilian and ancient part of our brain kicks on, and we make irrational, impulsive and egocentric decisions based on survival (such as hoarding toilet paper and supplies), we feel more disconnected from others, which further adds to the isolation. Additionally, when our anxiety is elevated, our immune system is blunted, making us more susceptible to illness, and our pain signals are increased. Learning how to relax and bring the nervous system back into balance, allows us to think practically and more broadly about what we really need, how to stay connected, and how to be physically and mentally resilient with this changing situation.

Here is more information about how humans react to a loss of control and some tips for living with uncertainty from one of my psychology and biofeedback mentors, Dr. Inna Khazan: 5 Steps to Living with Uncertainty During Coronavirus | Psychology Today 

Another colleague and mentor, Dr. Brad Lichtenstein shared his thoughts on Social Distancing and Social Compassion:
“I like to envision the practice of social distancing as an act of social-compassion and lovingkindness, promoting the wellbeing of everyone.” By shifting our perspective and practicing value driven behaviors for the benefit of all, we are acknowledging and thereby cultivating a greater connection in that we are all in this together - isolated, disrupted, uncertain. We are ALL feeling these things.

A further offering, in order to facilitate connection and cultivate resiliency, is a weekly 30 minute guided meditation session: Somatic Heart - Practicing Lovingkindness for Self and Others. Each Friday, beginning Friday March 27, I will hold a Zoom based session from 12-12:30pm Pacific Daylight Time. No registration required. Please email me for the Zoom link. Depending on demand, I will increase these.

Stay safe by following these simple guidelines. Practice good hygiene. Wash hands and don’t touch your face. Completely sequester if you’re high risk. Minimize exposure if you’re low risk for the benefit of others. Take news and socail media breaks. Look for silver linings daily. Go for a walk in fresh air everyday. Breathe...deeply, slowly and lowly.

Yours in Health and Peace,
Dr. Skye





Dr. Skye LaChute, ND, BCB Naturopathic Physician in Bellevue WA specializing in stress management and chronic conditions

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