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"Frustrated with my PCP’s lack of understanding re: my Graves Disease and related issues, I researched extensively and found Dr LaChute. She was not only interested in my situation, she asked pertinent questions before my first visit in order To be understand and have a foundation from which to start. Dr LaChute listened, probed further, then educated me about what good health might look like for me and how we could move towards that goal. I was struck by her deep interest, her care about me holistically, and her level of expertise, knowledge, and professional and personal skills. I am, finally, in the right hands." ~Maryann W.

I hope this finds your and your family safe and healthy! We are in such a challenging time as individuals, a society and global community. Many of us are struggling without the routine activities and freedom of our pre-covid lockdown lives. Some of us are stressed, some of us are teetering on financial disaster or perhaps worrying about things loosening up too fast and fearful of getting the disease. And then some of us are thriving with the slowing down of the hectic pace of life, enjoying nesting, gardening and thriving without the added stress that come from commuting and other external pressures.

Wherever you land in this spectrum of pandemic experience, know that we are all in this together. By acknowledging the fact of our struggle or whatever our experience, and normalizing it to a common experience that many are experiencing right now, we can begin to gather perspective and ultimately may move toward a calm and compassionate place.

Currently, my physical office is closed and will remain so at least for the next several months. I have a variety of risk factors that makes me susceptible to a dangerous reaction to this virus. And until we have widespread testing, contact tracing, and a better sense of the status of this virus, I must remain physically distant and not work in enclosed environments.

Further, Covid-19 and the restrictions we've all had to endure, caused a severe decline in income leading me to terminate my Bellevue lease and restructure my expenses. I will begin looking for a new office space later this year or early in 2021, once the covid situation seems to be better managed and vaccines become available. 


In the meantime, I am still offering Telemedicine appointments and can work with most conditions virtually. I can even do some basic mind-body medicine and biofeedback remotely. So if there is something you wish to work on while you have the time, or want to know how working remotely can work, I’m still offering a 15 minute complimentary consultation to meet and see if its a good fit. Please fill out the Contact Form to request an appointment.

Wishing you health and peace of mind,

Dr. Skye