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"Frustrated with my PCP’s lack of understanding re: my Graves Disease and related issues, I researched extensively and found Dr LaChute. She was not only interested in my situation, she asked pertinent questions before my first visit in order To be understand and have a foundation from which to start. Dr LaChute listened, probed further, then educated me about what good health might look like for me and how we could move towards that goal. I was struck by her deep interest, her care about me holistically, and her level of expertise, knowledge, and professional and personal skills. I am, finally, in the right hands." ~Maryann W.

My physical office was closed in 2020 and I am discontinuing direct patient care as of May 28, 2020.


After years of conventional clinical training and private practice, I have found my most rewarding work is in teaching and collaborating with patients in discovering their true nature, which informs the path of their healing. I have found this is best accomplished in a mentorship, coaching, advocate roles of service rather than the standard doctor-patient care model. Thus, I am pivoting to a health teaching, consulting, advocacy and coaching program, launching in early September 2021.


I will be updating the site as I get the details finalized. 


A preview....


I will specialize in working with individuals with chronic conditions, primarily work with HSPs (High Sensory Intelligents and High Sensory Empaths) who are wired differently than 80% of the population. 

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I will be guiding patients and clients through difficult and chronic health issues through helping them discover the healing power of nature: the innate nature of wisdom, sacredness, and well-being already available within their own bodies, and to be more integrated and at ease in her body, mind, heart and spirit. With natural reintegration and homeostatic rebalancing to wholeness, clients are able embrace what is healthy and restorative for their unique situation, rather than following the prescribed protocols and short terms cures offered to the masses.

Wishing you health and peace of mind,

Dr. Skye